Track of the week

Settle Your Scores – Zero Hour

This week’s choice for Track of the week is a big ol’ slice of heavy pop-punk perfection courtesy of Cincinnati, Ohio’s Settle Your Scores. This track is for anyone who enjoys a nice juicy guitar riff, pulsating drum beats and a sublime catchy as hell chorus. Hell, if you have ever even slightly enjoyed the pop-punk genre, you owe it to yourself to give this track a shot.

Zero Hour is the second single taken from the band’s sophomore album Better Luck Tomorrow which was released a few months ago on 13th April. Zero Hour shows a distinctively heavier style and sound when compared to the bands previous work and shows that when these guys hit hard, they can hit like a sledgehammer.

Zero Hour is a great showcase of the unique Settle Your Scores sound. The band effortlessly combine catchy as hell hooks, gang vocals and punishing breakdowns that all culminate in a superb track which demands your attention. While the majority of Better Luck Tomorrow leans more on the pop side of the genre, Zero Hour is a track that gets the bands unique heavier sound across perfectly.

Speaking to Atom Smasher Guitarist Ricky Uhlenbrock comments: “Zero Hour was one of the first songs written for the new record. It’s definitely one of the more uplifting songs on Better Luck Tomorrow. I tend to be a very pessimistic person, but when I play a great show, write a song I‘m really proud of, or read an encouraging message from a fan, it completely reassures me that I‘m doing exactly what I should be doing. This song is about that feeling.”


Zero Hour strays away from the bands pop punk heritage and instead showcases intricate guitar riffs, blistering drum work and new and improved scream and clean vocals. What makes Zero Hour stound out, is the fact that this isn’t the average or typical pop punk track. With the scream and clean vocals, the band does plenty to stray from that stereotype.

Zero Hour is a great way for the band to introduce their new heavier sounding style and shows the band for the heavy pop-punk monster they really are. Vocally Zero Hour is a great showcase for the band and shines in both the clean and scream vocals. The track effortlessly ranges from crushing mids to the bellowing lows and always keeps the listener on their toes.

The culmination of this is a refreshing new take on the pop-punk genre. Zero Hour shows a huge  amount of versatility and  ambition which results in a ridiculously catchy track that is a worthy winner of Track Of The Week.

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