Milestones - Equal Measure Review


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Just when you thought pop punk had taken a back seat and had begun to fade into the distance, 5 injections of hook-laden infectious pop tracks enter the limelight and steal the show.

Milestones are an alternative, pop punk band based out of Manchester England. They consist of Matt Clarke (Vocals), Drew Procter (Guitar), Mark Threlfall (Bass), Andy Makin (Drums) and Eden Leviston (Guitar). After recently signing with Fearless Records, the band released their debut E.P Equal Measures on 08th July 2016. The album was produced by Phil Gornell who has worked with bands such as Bring Me The Horizon, All Time Low and Set Your Goals.

Equal Measures is the band’s debut E.P but sets out its stall amazingly as if the band are seasoned veterans who have seen and done it all before. Every track is written to be a single, whether it be the infections fist pumping “Call Me a Disaster” or the stadium anthem in the waiting “Nothing left” each song hits the target perfectly and leaves the audience wanting more.

The Album opens with “Call Me A Disaster” which perfectly set the tone for the E.P. An amazingly infectious chorus which is guaranteed to stick with you long after the E.P is over. The song invokes thoughts of summer time lovers and opens the E.P with a tale of youthful bliss and ignorance all tinged with a sugary sweet pop punk taste that resonates perfectly.

Tracks such as “Hindsight” and “Shot In the Dark” tell tales of love, loss, and desperation all woven with the lyrical composition of a seasoned songwriter. Guitars and drums are exceptional throughout with songs taking unexpected turns and twists just before repetition can become a problem and ensures each song is fresh and unexpected.

Emotion is clear on almost every song and hopeful, empowering tones resonate throughout the entire E.PThe title track “Equal Measures” starts off with tinges of You Me At Six but soon takes an unexpected turn and leads the way to a snarling punk verse reminiscent of Green Day’s Dookie.

The production on the album is immense. The drum beats are deep and rolling throughout and often give a much needed punch to the E.P. Guitars explode in the verses but don’t overshadow the star of the show, the vocals. The vocals are stunning with deep, meaningful lyrics of love and loss in which we can all relate. In short these are some seriously talented lads.

Equal Measures is a seriously impressive debut and sets Milestones perfectly on the horizon of pop punk stardom. Equal Measures offers an ambitious, infectious offering of tracks all dimmed in a summer haze. Tales of lost love has never been this catchy.

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