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While She Sleeps Interview part 2

Time to Revolt

To celebrate the release of While She Sleeps biggest album to date You Are We i recently spoke with the bands resident guitar shredder Sean Long. 

This is part 2 of the interview and we talk about their independence, the pledge campaign and the definitive While She Sleeps sound.

So now your independent is it scary? Were you bricking it when you made the decision? Or does the decision allow you to be a little more creative?
Not massively mate. Everyone thinks that the label stopped us from being creative. We have always done the same thing. The thing now is that if something goes wrong then its our own fault which is cool. Before a lot of shit went on and we didn't have the power to stop it as a lot of the power is in a lot of peoples hands. It takes ages and after like 50 email chains of whatever nothing gets done. So yeah there is definitely more work that comes with being independent because we have to stay with our creative side. Like now we are trying to practice and stuff but we've also got loads of press all over the world that we have sorted ourselves. On top of that we have got all the pledge items which means we have a huge workload on our back, but it's what we asked for and wanted. We wanted to take care of everything properly and make sure that it gets the right care that You Are We deserves.

Speaking of the pledge items, some of them are amazing! The guitar rings are an absolute amazing idea! Who came up with that?
They are sick aren't they mate haha. I don't know who came up with them really. I think it was just a group idea. I can't actually fucking remember who came up with haha. Cool though isn't it.

Now we are three albums in we are starting to see you change your sound more than ever before. Do you think you have finally found what While She Sleeps sound like? Or is it something that is constantly changing and evolving? 
I don't think that we have found our sound yet. I feel that we get more and more comfortable with our sound with each record that we do. We feel more free to do what we feel is good music. Every now and then we let go of more and more restrictions with each album we do and we open up more and more. So i think that we will constantly develop but where that development will go i don't know yet. The next album could be the heaviest thing we have ever done or it could be the calmest. Its just a progression of maturing and growing up. As we have grown up obviously everything around us has changed. Its crazy and yeah its awesome and we look forward to seeing what we will create.


So never say never for a While She Sleeps country album?
Hahaha. No not at all mate we fucking love country music and folk music. Hahaha.

Around a month ago you guys dropped Silence Speaks with Oli Sykes, which is a fucking belter by the way. The Sheffield music scene is quickly becoming a leader in the UK for metal and heavy rock. Do you have any opinions on why this could be?
I know it is, but i dunno why. People ask me that all the time and i honestly have no fucking idea haha. It feel that it must be due to the fact that there a lot of working class people in Sheffield. I think this creates some kind of subconscious creative drive that everyone in Sheffield has. I mean we are all common i guess, we don't have much money and our parents never had much money. We were all used to that way of living and that surely influences some form of creativity.

I completely skipped over this earlier, but why are you in a warehouse?
Its our new warehouse that we built, it has our studio in it it has our practice room in it and its got all of our merch in it. It's our HQ basically. We had a practice room a while back in Sheffield and we outgrew it basically. So we bought this big warehouse and built inside it basically. I'm sat in the studio right now and i can do everything from this one place.

Your tour starts in the in York. Are you ready for the first official gig of the tour?
Yeah mate. I mean that room is fucking tiny is going to be nuts.

Now you are independent. How do you feel like a song is finished? Isn't there always the temptation to go back and change little parts of the tracks?
Honestly this is the one record where i don't want to go back and change anything. That's why this album is so special to me. It's gone so well. We just try and make sure that each song feels right. There a few songs on previous records where we wish we could go back and change bits but none on this record. We usually take a while to write our records and make them the best they can be before we start recording. It has taken us two years to write this coming off the back of Brainwashed. It does take us a long time to write but it's been worth it.

Finally, now your headlining another UK tour you must have some crazy shit on your rider? 
Hahaha. What do we have... well on the Brainwashed campaign we got some red socks that we got. Haha we need to update our rider and put some crazy shit on there. That's a good idea i'm going to talk to someone and update it right now...

Hahaha. Thanks for talking to me mate.
No thank you mate, my pleasure its been ace. Keep up the good work on Echion its great.

You Are We is available now from all major music retailers and digital stores. go get it.



The forgotten age "Enough" EP review.

learn the name.

When you think of the words "Wales" and "Metal Music" for most only one band springs mind. Bullet For My Valentine have been the top of that very specific tree for over a decade. However, there is a new band in town who could quite possibly be coming to knock them off of their perch. 

The Forgotten Age are a Metal/Metal-core band who were formed in 2014 and hail from Bangor, Gwynedd, North Wales. They consist of Mike Bassington (Vocals/Guitar), Joseph Young (Drums), Alex Wynne (Bass) and Ben Jones (Rhythm Guitar). The band were kind enough to send me a pre release copy of their debut EP "Enough" to review so lets get into it...

Without coming on too strong, HOLY FUCK! This EP is something else. Imagine if Bullet For My Valentine, Killswitch Engage, Trivium and Avenged Sevenfold all came together, fucked and had a baby that wanted to blow your fucking metal mind. That, i feel, is the best way to describe The Forgotten Age. "Enough" is an insanely beautiful creature that constantly evolves and mutates the metal genre for the approximate 22 minutes of metal heaven that are spread across the four song track list. To say that "Enough" could be the most complete piece of metal musicianship i have heard this year would be no understatement. Which to a website dedicated to rock and metal music is no small feat.

Lets start with what can be a killer for a band's debut EP, production. The effect production has on the impact and success for a debut EP cannot be understated, and thankfully "Enough" has amazing production value. Each song is mixed masterfully and gives each instrument and vocalist room to breathe and show what they can do. Each track is dripping with production quality, you can really FEEL the pounding of the drums, the shredding on the guitars, the deep grumbling of the bass and the emotion in the vocals. Honestly the production here is better than some popular artists albums and allows the album to shine.

Now into the important part, the music. "Enough" is a stunning, aggressive, emotional, complex album which brings back all the emotionally charged memories of first listening to Bullet For My Valentines "The Poison". Not only are there similarities in the music its self the comparison also leads into the similar feeling on how this EP could evolve the genre and take it forwards as "The Poison" did over a decade ago. The EP is constantly exploring for a new direction to take the genre and challenge the listener. Whenever you think you have the song figured out, the drum beat changes and the song shifts into an entirely new monster.


The EP opens with "Break Me" an explosive, epic powerhouse of a song. The song starts with a clean, slow guitar riff that reminisces of Avenged Sevenfolds "This Means War" which leads into a powerful, intense riff and drum beat. The vocals in this track are IMMENSE both clean vocals and screams offer something different to the track. The screams bring a gritty, dark feel to the track, whereas the clean vocals shine light on the darkness and bring some breathing room to the track and give it a simply EPIC feel. Both vocals interchange regularly and work together beautifully. There is some serious vocal talent on show in this EP. The bass is ever evolving and changing the track and bringing the song into new directions. Then there is the guitar...seriously this FUCKING guitar. There is some serious shredding on display on "Enough" and "Break Me" offers a perfect glimpse into this. There are vibes of Kirk Hammett and Synyster Gates in the amount of shredding and outstanding guitar work that "Enough" includes and NEEDS to be heard.

Another stand out track from "Enough" is "Undone". The song offers a face melting riff which stirs memories of Avenged Sevenfolds "Unholy Confessions". The Vocal work is again amazing with both vocalists working in tandem and bringing a weight and emotion to the track that is rarely felt in the metal music mainstream that is churned out today. The Drums on this track show intelligence and don't fall into the metal pitfall of "Double bass pedal solves everything". The drums evolve and change with the track and really shine brightest here. You can watch the music video for "Undone" below to truly appreciate what i mean.


Lyrically, the EP holds its own weight too. Each track offers different views into love loss and anger. However, they are far from cliche. Each track is varied and shows how these already explored areas can still be as interesting and emotionally charged as ever, whilst also bringing that special something that sets them apart from the regular metal crowd.

To bring this review to an end, this is an EP that should be heard by any metal music fans. Its energetic, impactful, powerful and sticks with the listener long after "Enough" has finished blaring through the speakers. It may be a little too soon to say that Metal has a new hero, but if The Forgotten Age carry on like this Wales could have a new torchbearer in the metal genre. As a debut EP this is truly impressive and i eagerly await to see where this takes The Forgotten Age in the future

4/5 - Amazing debut






Band Spotlight - Rancidium.

Devilish BAnd.

Rancidium are an upcoming metalcore band hailing from Sheffield, UK. The band consists of Damon Hinchcliffe (Guitar, Lead Vocals), Joshua Marlow (Drums, Backing Vocals), Luke Percival (Rhythm guitar, Backing Vocals), Daniel Raynes (Bass, Backing Vocals).

Rancidium were formed in January 2012 as the side project of the band “Infected Legacy”. “Infected Legacy” boasted a differing line up than that of Rancidium today. However, it was during this time that the members of “Infected legacy” wrote the tracks “Devilish Hands” and “War”. “Devilish Hands” is a track now repurposed and re-polished which shows the true potential of the new band and can be listened to below.

Devilish Hands is in an insane amalgamation of metal genres which all come together perfectly to create a deathcore-esq sound. Crunching guitars, bellowing vocals, pounding drums and deep sinister bass all intertwine perfectly to create a fist pumping, mosh pit inducing, balls to the walls anthem.

Since then the band have re-named and gotten a fresh line-up but kept the music. At the start of 2016 the band began to write and record their first EP “Someone Like You”, in which “Devilish Hands” and “War” are both set to appear, along with brand new music which the band are currently in the process of recording.

With intense music that inspires stadium sized mosh pits, drums that can kick your heart of your chest and vocals that make you want to start a fight, Rancidium are a metal band who demand your attention.

With their debut EP set for release in the next couple of months Rancidium are definitely one to keep an eye in the UK metal scene. Just make sure there are no immediately destroy-able objects in the vicinity while you listen to them, because when this music starts, you will just want to fuck shit up!


Boy Jumps Ship – Wake Up Review

The Best Is Yet To Come

After six years of waiting Boy Jumps Ship finally release their debut album “Wake Up”. A time capsule of an album which encapsulates the melodic rock of the early 2000’s in way which unfortunately doesn’t seem quite as relevant today.

Boy Jumps Ship are an alternative band hailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne with a unique blend of alternative music which includes influences of both punk and solid rock. The band consist of Si Todd (lead vocals, guitar), Jonathan Douglas (backing vocals, guitar), Jonny Rob (bass, backing vocals) and Gav Gates (drums, backing vocals). Since forming way back in 2010 the band have previously released 2 E. P’s, 2012’s “Be Good. Be Gracious” and 2014’s “Lovers & Fighters” however, “Wake up” is the band’s first full length effort.

“Wake Up” is an album aimed at pulling on the heart strings of fans as early 2000’s bands such as “Jimmy Eat World” and “Allister”. The Album opens with the mixed track “Burn”. A crunching balls to the walls rock song that sets the listener up for the highs and lows of the album. Solid pounding drums and deep crunchy guitars set the tone for the album all with solid production value. However, missteps such as the line “the kids have no respect” make the band feel older and more cynical than they should.

The album is a mixed bag. Tracks like “Night Stories”, which includes the line the album is named after, feels massively out of place on the album. The first half of the song is a slow paced effort which brings all the momentum the album has created to a halt. The band however, must realise this as they shout “Wake Up” into your ears to ensure any listeners bored to sleep in the first half are quickly woken up.

Tracks such as “Hell” and “The Best Is Yet To Come” however, are the band at its best. Solid catchy hooks witch sublime guitar and drum work. These are full on hard hitting rock tracks which showcase the massive potential of the band. These tracks as well as the “foo Fighters” inspired “No Tomorrow” act as much needed shots of adrenaline in an otherwise confused and muddy album.

Although the band have been accused of bringing nothing new to the scene, “Wake Up” shows that when they bring their A-game Boy Jumps Ship are a match for the big boys and do what they do very well. However, there are too many tracks such as “Lost and Found” and “Turn Up the Radio” which are repetitive and unfortunately just make you wish there were more straight forward rock belters such as “Hell” to listen to.

“Wake Up” shows that there is definite potential from Boy Jumps Ship, but there is no doubt the best is yet to come.


You can check out the music video for the song "Burn", the first track off Boy Jumps Ship debut album "Wake Up" below from their YouTube channel.


Milestones - Equal Measures E.P Review.

No Half Measures.

Just when you thought pop punk had taken a back seat and had begun to fade into the distance, 5 injections of hook-laden infectious pop tracks enter the limelight and steal the show.

Milestones are an alternative, pop punk band based out of Manchester England. They consist of Matt Clarke (Vocals), Drew Procter (Guitar), Mark Threlfall (Bass), Andy Makin (Drums) and Eden Leviston (Guitar). After recently signing with Fearless Records, the band released their debut E.P Equal Measures on 08th July 2016. The album was produced by Phil Gornell who has worked with bands such as Bring Me The Horizon, All Time Low and Set Your Goals.

Equal Measures is the band’s debut E.P but sets out its stall amazingly as if the band are seasoned veterans who have seen and done it all before. Every track is written to be a single, whether it be the infections fist pumping “Call Me a Disaster” or the stadium anthem in the waiting “Nothing left” each song hits the target perfectly and leaves the audience wanting more.

The Album opens with “Call Me A Disaster” which perfectly set the tone for the E.P. An amazingly infectious chorus which is guaranteed to stick with you long after the E.P is over. The song invokes thoughts of summer time lovers and opens the E.P with a tale of youthful bliss and ignorance all tinged with a sugary sweet pop punk taste that resonates perfectly.

Tracks such as “Hindsight” and “Shot In the Dark” tell tales of love, loss, and desperation all woven with the lyrical composition of a seasoned songwriter. Guitars and drums are exceptional throughout with songs taking unexpected turns and twists just before repetition can become a problem and ensures each song is fresh and unexpected.

Emotion is clear on almost every song and hopeful, empowering tones resonate throughout the entire E.P. The title track “Equal Measures” starts off with tinges of You Me At Six but soon takes an unexpected turn and leads the way to a snarling punk verse reminiscent of Green Day’s Dookie.

The production on the album is immense. The drum beats are deep and rolling throughout and often give a much needed punch to the E.P. Guitars explode in the verses but don’t overshadow the star of the show, the vocals. The vocals are stunning with deep, meaningful lyrics of love and loss in which we can all relate. In short these are some seriously talented lads.

Equal Measures is a seriously impressive debut and sets Milestones perfectly on the horizon of pop punk stardom. Equal Measures offers an ambitious, infectious offering of tracks all dimmed in a summer haze. Tales of lost love has never been this catchy.


You can check out the music video for the song "Call Me A Disaster" off of their Debut E.P "Equal Measures" Below.


Manchester Quintet bring their A-Game with latest track “Tales”.

One year is a long time. A year ago very few people would have heard of Manchester quintet “Autumn Ruin”. However, with their previous singles “Brave The Fall” and “Forgive|Forget” premiering on Kerrang!TV expectations have never been higher than for their latest single.

“Tales” is the first single released from their as of yet untitled debut E.P which is expected to release later this year and sets the benchmark from what is to be expected from the young band.

The track starts with a slow, electric acoustic intro with a beautifully haunting harmony of simple delicate vocals. You can almost feel the emotion of song tearing at the seams as the track quickens for a second, like a shot of excitement, and then settles back. The drums follow with a slow, rolling drum beat accompanied by echoing guitar picks as the vocals begin again.

A tale of how time changes, evolves and moves forward with only one constant. Love. Small tinges of “You Me At Six” reverb through the vocals of the verse with emotion thick and deep leading up to the harrowing “I Need You To Believe” that slows the song to a near holt.

Then the pace quickens, the vocals hit new heights of both tone and emotion. The track tightens up, the drums beats quickens and the symbol speeds up. Then the chorus, walls of guitar embrace the listener, the drums double down as the vocals tell us they will “be brave for us all” and in this moment... we believe them.

The track slows down, letting us catch our breath, synth affects fizz and pop in the background as the singer really shows the depth of his vocals hitting high notes with relative ease.

The chorus crashes back into the track, washing us away into the pure energy and exhilaration before a beat change, the song build to a large crescendo, with the vocals of “The future is Ours” being belted in rapid succession each more impactful than the first. Finally, crashing guitars, drums play together as vocals scream “We are all scared to believe”.

After this track one this is clear we DO believe.

Emotion, energy and excellent musicianship leads “Tales” to be one of the most exciting and fresh tracks of 2016. A definite listen from what could become a definitive band!



You can check out the song with its amazing music video below from Autumn Ruins YouTube page.