Track of the week

Arcane Ghosts – Dissipate


This week’s choice for Track of the week is an absolute post-hardcore paragon courtesy of Ontario, Canada’s Arcane Ghosts. If you like shredding guitar solos, blistering drum beats, a huge stadium sized breakdown and amazing vocals to top it off, then look no further than the brilliant Arcane Ghosts track Dissipate.

Combining heavy as hell breakdowns, catchy lyrics and a singalong chorus is no easy thing to do but on Dissipate Arcane Ghosts manage to find the magic formula. The track is a must listen for any pop-punk fan as well as any post-hardcore fan.

Speaking to New Noise Magazine the band have said that “This song is about forgetting who you used to be. Constantly fighting with the voice inside your head that reminds you that change is happening, represented by the band in the video”.

Originally conceived over a couple beers at a dive bar in the heart of university town Kitchener-Waterloo, Brampton based Arcane Ghosts combine raw emotion and math skills to create a Dance Gavin Dance meets Citizen and Basement sound.

After releasing their first EP in February 2017, Arcane Ghosts went on to support Rarity, Heavy Hearts and Certainty and play Blackout Fest 2017 with The Creepshow and illScarlett.


Currently they’re hard at work on their second EP, which is due for a 2018 release but one thing’s for sure, if the rest of Arcane Ghosts new music carries on in the same vein as Dissipate, the band are heading straight to the top of the post-hardcore world. We can’t wait to see what Arcane Ghosts do next, and we will be there every step of the way.  

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