Track of the week

Bullet For My Valentine – Under Again


This week’s choice for Track of the week is an absolute powerhouse. If you like heavy guitars, pounding drums and a killer vocalist to tie it all together, then look no further than Bullet For My Valentine’s track Under Again. It’s huge, it’s anthemic and a it’s an absolute belter.

Bullet for My Valentine are a hard rock/metal band who hail from Bridgend, Wales. Under Again is an album track taken from their recently released sixth studio album Gravity. Although Under Again is a bit of a departure from the bands signature style, and widely different from 2015’s Venom, the song is still an absolute corker which NEEDS to be heard.

Without completely reinventing themselves or their music, Bullet have released a track in Under Again that still manages to feel fresh and innovative. The guitar work is great, the new drummer Jason Bowld shows the listeners a glimpse of what he is capable of and the vocals are as good as ever. Although some fans may feel the band have toned down their music and gone a little more mainstream, Under Again is a good step in a different direction for the near two-decade old band. 

Yes, the screams may be none existent in this track and the chorus sounds suspiciously like Bring Me The Horizon’s Doomed but even so, the track demands your attention and shows that even when toned down Bullet can still hit just as hard as ever.

The addition of synth, electronic sounds and the signature Bullet sound creates a unique track unlike anything else in the bands catalogue. This is Jason Bowld’s first studio album with the band, and his drumming also shines on “Under Again”, a song which addresses Matt Tuck’s issues with depression and anxiety. The ever-present vocal interplay between MattMichael Paget and newcomer Jamie Mathias Is featured prominently on the title track, which has spacious verses with drums and bass high in the mix with surprisingly effective results.

Although Under Again is set to divide opinion within Bullet’s fanbase, we here at Echion Music think that the song is a step in the right direction for the band. The switch to a softer, more electronic sound suits the band down the ground and makes the band relevant and interesting again.

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