Track of the week

Track of the week

Diamante – Kind of Love


This week’s choice for Track of the week is an absolute belter. If you like catchy pop lyrics, a pure rock chorus and a killer vocalist to tie it all together, then look no further than Diamante’s track Kind of Love. It’s bold, its brash and holy shit, it’s brilliant.

Diamante is an American rocker who hails from Boston, USA. Her debut EP Dirty Blonde was released in 2015 and was praised for its smart lyrics, catchy lyrics and balls to the walls attitude. Her debut album Coming In Hot which has been produced by Howard Benson (Chris Cornell, Kelly Clarkson, My Chemical Romance, Halestorm), is set to be released later this year.

However, ahead of Coming in Hot release on June 15th, Diamante has released a brand new ep titled Volume II. Volume II is a brand new EP from the singer made up of a collection of unreleased songs from her forthcoming album. The Volume II ep features the hit single “Coming in Hot” as well as four previously unreleased tracks; “Black Heart”, “I’m Sorry”, “Kind of Love” and “Crazy on You”.

 Alongside the release of Volume II, Diamante has released the lyric video for her huge new rock anthem “Kind Of Love”. The song showcases a signature sound the artist has been developing meticulously for almost a decade. With sublime vocals, pop energy, and unparalleled rock swagger, the multicultural solo artist draws from myriad influences creates a truly unique sound. The catchy as fuck “Oh My God” sections combined with quirky lyrics such as “Fuck my safe word don’t you stop” make this track standout from anything else around. Seriously it’s a fucking belter, just stop reading and go listen… NOW.

‘Kind of Love’ may take you by surprise the first time you listen to it. The songs starts out with a bang and on first listen this sounds suspiciously like a pop track. The energetic DJ style opening and the pop infused lyrics and drum track through the chorus soon gives way to a thick wall of guitar and powerhouse vocals all combining to create a pop-rock anthem.

This fusion of styles shown on ‘Kind Of Love’ is nothing new for Diamante. The confident singer isn’t afraid to experiment with her sound and mix things up. The music that Diamante releases somehow manages to fee raw and energetic whilst also sounding amazingly well produced and polished.  No matter what styles and sounds you can always count on one thing from a Diamante track, and that is the final result being ridiculously infectious. ‘Kind of Love’ is no exception to this rule.

If ‘Kind of Love’ is anything to go by, Coming in Hot is set to be an absolute belter. If you love ‘Kind of Love´ as much as we do, you should definitely pick up Diamante’s debut album ‘Coming In Hot’ when it released on June 15th. 

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