While She Sleeps Interview - Part 2

Time To Revolt

To celebrate the release of While She Sleeps biggest album to date You Are We I recently spoke with the bands resident guitar shredder Sean Long. 

This is part 2 of the interview and we talk about their independence, the pledge campaign and the definitive While She Sleeps sound.

WSS 2 -1.png

So now you're independent is it scary? Were you bricking it when you made the decision? Or does the decision allow you to be a little more creative?

Not massively mate. Everyone thinks that the label stopped us from being creative. We have always done the same thing. The thing now is that if something goes wrong then it's our own fault which is cool. Before a lot of shit went on and we didn't have the power to stop it as a lot of the power is in a lot of people's hands. It takes ages and after like 50 email chains of whatever nothing gets done. So yeah there is definitely more work that comes with being independent because we have to stay with our creative side. Like now we are trying to practice and stuff but we've also got loads of press all over the world that we have sorted ourselves. On top of that we have got all the pledge items which means we have a huge workload on our back, but it's what we asked for and wanted. We wanted to take care of everything properly and make sure that it gets the right care that You Are We deserves.

Speaking of the pledge items, some of them are amazing! The guitar rings are an absolute amazing idea! Who came up with that?

They are sick aren't they mate haha. I don't know who came up with them really. I think it was just a group idea. I can't actually fucking remember who came up with haha. Cool though isn't it.

Now we are three albums in we are starting to see you change your sound more than ever before. Do you think you have finally found what While She Sleeps sound like? Or is it something that is constantly changing and evolving? 

I don't think that we have found our sound yet. I feel that we get more and more comfortable with our sound with each record that we do. We feel more free to do what we feel is good music. Every now and then we let go of more and more restrictions with each album we do and we open up more and more. So I think that we will constantly develop but where that development will go I don't know yet. The next album could be the heaviest thing we have ever done or it could be the calmest. It's just a progression of maturing and growing up. As we have grown up obviously everything around us has changed. It's crazy and yeah it's awesome and we look forward to seeing what we will create.

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So never say never for a While She Sleeps country album?

Hahaha. No not at all mate we fucking love country music and folk music. Hahaha.

Around a month ago you guys dropped Silence Speaks with Oli Sykes, which is a fucking belter by the way. The Sheffield music scene is quickly becoming a leader in the UK for metal and heavy rock. Do you have any opinions on why this could be?

I know it is, but I dunno why. People ask me that all the time and I honestly have no fucking idea haha. I feel that it must be due to the fact that there's a lot of working class people in Sheffield. I think this creates some kind of subconscious creative drive that everyone in Sheffield has. I mean we are all common I guess, we don't have much money and our parents never had much money. We were all used to that way of living and that surely influences some form of creativity.

I completely skipped over this earlier, but why are you in a warehouse?

It's our new warehouse that we built, it has our studio in it, it has our practice room in it and it's got all of our merch in it. It's our HQ basically. We had a practice room a while back in Sheffield and we outgrew it basically. So we bought this big warehouse and built inside it basically. I'm sat in the studio right now and I can do everything from this one place.

Your tour starts in York. Are you ready for the first official gig of the tour?

Yeah mate. I mean that room is fucking tiny is going to be nuts.

Now you are independent. How do you feel like a song is finished? Isn't there always the temptation to go back and change little parts of the tracks?

Honestly this is the one record where I don't want to go back and change anything. That's why this album is so special to me. It's gone so well. We just try and make sure that each song feels right. There's a few songs on previous records where we wish we could go back and change bits but none on this record. We usually take a while to write our records and make them the best they can be before we start recording. It has taken us two years to write this coming off the back of Brainwashed. It does take us a long time to write but it's been worth it.

WSS 2 -3.jpg

Finally, now your headlining another UK tour you must have some crazy shit on your rider? 

Hahaha. What do we have... well on the Brainwashed campaign we got some red socks that we got. Haha we need to update our rider and put some crazy shit on there. That's a good idea I'm going to talk to someone and update it right now...

Hahaha. Thanks for talking to me mate.

No thank you mate, my pleasure it's been ace. Keep up the good work on Echion it's great.