Bullet For My Valentine - All Studio Albums Ranked

A poisonous pursuit

Unless you have been hiding under a Welsh sized rock for the past decade, you know who Bullet For My Valentine are. The Welsh metal outfit were, for a short period, declared the future of metal. However, they fucked up, BIG TIME.

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Just two years after their inception, Bullet For My Valentine were supporting Metallica. They had legions of fans and thousands of young metal heads to be were sinking into self loathing and blaring Tears Don't Fall into their angsty teenage friend's faces. Bullet then made the mistake of releasing an album no one really liked and went from heroes to zeroes almost overnight. The next couple of years saw bullet desperately return to their roots to bring back some of their alienated fans by returning to their heavier style of music.

Their latest single Don't Need You is a fucking beast which harkens back to their earlier work and gives Bullet For My Valentine fans optimism for the future, for the first time in a LONG time. With the renewed optimism from Don't Need You fresh in the air it seems like a good time to rank all of Bullet For My Valentine's Studio albums, from worst to best. So sit back relax and get ready to wake that demon. We start the list with the worst Bullet studio album...



Temper Temper... where do we start. The fuck up album. The album that alienated their fan base and almost killed the band. Temper Temper takes everything that Bullet For My Valentine were famous for and made it more accessible and soft. So much so that even your mum wouldn't find it heavy. Temper Temper has at least three songs dedicated to Tuck telling us over and over again how "We wouldn't like him when he's angry". Tuck takes a lot of stick for his lyrics, it's nothing new and is sometimes deserved, but fucking hell Temper Temper takes it to a new level. Some of the songs are OK but even then that's stretching it a little. A poor album with poor limp songs. The less said about this album the better. The fact that Bullet no longer play a single song from Temper Temper live says all you need to know about the album...


Now THIS is where the list really starts. By the time of Scream Aim Fire's release Bullet were a powerhouse. The Poison had propelled them to metal stardom and even a slot supporting Metallica in their 2007 tour. Scream Aim Fire is in no way a bad album. There are some amazing songs on here Disappear, Deliver Us From Evil and of course the crowd favourite face melter that is Waking The Demon to name a few. However, there are a few songs which are just a little... meh. For a band who were aiming as high as Bullet For My Valentine this just wasn't the balls to the wall face melter of an album the fans wanted. On the production side the album is outstanding and feels crunchier and heavier than The Poison ever did. The drums kick a little harder and the guitar feels a little thicker and lyrically Scream Aim Fire is an improvement also. A few of the songs let the album down in general, I'm looking at you Say Goodnight, but overall a decent 7/10 and worth a listen. Hey, not all songs can be Waking The Demon I suppose.


On the path towards Fever, Tuck told Rock Sound that Bullet is, "a hard rock band with metal influences, and I've said that from day one." Fever is probably the closest Bullet ever came to making this statement true. The breakneck shredding of The Poison is toned down for the most part and replaced by melody and groove. Don't get me wrong there are some absolute belters on Fever such as Dignity, Pretty On The Outside and Pleasure & Pain which all showcase how bullet had evolved their sound but could still hit as hard as ever. Then there is Alone. The near 6 minute orchestra entwined epic which showcases Bullet at their glittering metal best. Alone is up there with the best Bullet songs released to date and showcases that when Bullet put their mind to it, they can rival any of the metal greats.


Venom had an impossible job, to bring back the fans that Temper Temper had so quickly driven away. Temper Temper placed a massive black mark against Bullet's name, which they are still recovering from years later, but Venom does a fucking good job of erasing the damage. Tuck screams into the ears of anyone willing to listens and reminds us why we fell in love Bullet all those years ago. Venom is the heaviest album Bullet have released since their debut just over a decade ago. Hell even the name of the album Venom harkens back to The Poison to try and give us an idea into how important and defining the band were viewing this album. Songs such as No Way Out and Army Of Noise hit just as heavy now as any song from The Poison did back then, and then some. Venom was the album that SHOULD have followed Fever. There are a few missteps, with the most noticeable being the title track, but on the most part Venom is a beast of an album that deserved way more recognition that it received. Temper Temper may have slowed the band down, but Venom picks the band up, dusts them down and then fires them into the future at the speed of light. Another album like this and Bullet could finally repair the damage of their fourth release.


The KING. The album that started it all and created a generation of metal heads. There is a reason Bullet spent the last few month playing The Poison in full all throughout the UK, it is a FUCKING masterpiece. Every song shows the band at their brightest and best. The entire album is a shot of welsh powered adrenaline straight into your fucking veins that NEEDS to be heard. From the slow steady intro which transforms into the 100mph screams of Her Voice Resides all the way to The End, every minute is pure gold. Hell even the ballads on The Poison were brilliant. All These Things I Hate (Revolve around Me) was a classic and could have been a radio mega hit if not for the screamy bits. Bullet may never recover the magic of The Poison and the accolades that came with it, but Venom and Don't Need You are steps in the right direction. After a couple of years of hurt Bullet fans have the right to be optimistic again. Now Lets go listen to The Poison and remember how fucking amazing Bullet For My Valentine can be at their best.