The Everlaine Interview


Originally interviewed in 2016

The Everlaine are a female-fronted rock band hailing from Norwich. Formed in 2014. The band consists of Ellie - Vocals, Ryan - Guitar, Charlie - Bass, Tom - Drums/ Vocals.

In 2015 The Everlaine recorded and released their first E.P "The Secret's Out" which was recorded at Steel City Studio in Sheffield. With fast, powerful, emotional music and beautiful vocals The Everlaine are on the brink of making it in the big time.. I catch up with them on the eve of the release of their first ever music video for "I Am a Fighter" to talk about the band, their music and what the future holds...

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Question 1) After forming back in 2014, You (The Everlaine) exploded onto the UK Indie/Alternative scene in 2015 with your very ambitious first e.p “The Secret’s Out”. How did the band come into being and who’s idea was the creation of the band?

Charlie, Tom and I (Ell) used to be in a band before The Everlaine. We were called April’s Ghost and were a similar style to what we do now. Things didn’t work out and we eventually ended up without a guitarist. The three of us weren’t ready to give up the music scene just yet and so we started trying out a few guitarists but none of them really seemed to fit with us. Eventually we found Ryan who wasn’t just a great guitarist with similar music tastes, he also seemed to click with us. We actually ended up writing a song together on our first proper band practice and that’s when The Everlaine was formed.

Question 2) Very few bands experiment so early in their career. “The Secret’s Out” includes powerful vocals, pounding drums, deep bass and ambitious guitar work for a band so early in your career. Was it the intention of the band to always push the boundaries of what you could achieve and experiment? Or did that come naturally in the creation process?

We like to think we are very ambitious people! We weren’t happy with creating just run of the mill music and so there are countless songs that we worked hard to get to a standard ready to record before deciding to drop them and work on something better. The four of us have very different favourite sub-genres of rock and alternative music and so I think the combination of such a variety of influences has helped us to create our own style. Ultimately if we, as a band, don’t like the songs then we won’t play them.

Question 3) Do you find it difficult being a female-fronted rock band in a male dominated industry? And do you have any words of advice for young female singers who are looking to start a rock band?

It’s true that it is a very male-dominated industry and there are obviously pros and cons being a female singer. On the one hand, we are often compared to Paramore and Evanescence purely because we are a female fronted rock band, not because our music is similar. On the other hand, it helps us stand out and use it as a selling point. The main thing is to continue to to be ourselves and maintain our individuality. That would be the main advice I would give to any young female singers looking to get into the music industry.

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Question 4) 2016 is shaping up to be a HUGE year for The Everlaine including the release of your first ever music video for the song “I Am a Fighter” which released on the 1st July 2016. What was the experience of shooting a music video like for you all? Was it as you expected or completely different?

This was the first music video we had all done on a large budget. We put months’ worth of graft into ensuring we had the right guy producing it (Tom at Forward) and the right venue (Savoir Faire) and I think that had definitely paid off. It was an exceptionally long day and we all put so much hard work into it but the video was beyond what we could have anticipated in terms of style and quality and we are so proud to be able to say “this is our video”.

Question 5) It has been just over a year since the release of the first ep “The Secret’s Out”. However, fans don’t have to wait long for new music. The release of the “I Am a Fighter” single also brings with it a new song called “Mixtape”. What can you tell us of the creation of this song and why the wait for the single to release it?

Mixtape was a song that we wrote fairly early on in our life as The Everlaine. We originally had it penned as a huge, heavy song but it ended up being slightly forgotten as we chose the final 5 songs for our E.P. It was only recently that we decided to revisit the song. We changed it about so much and combined parts of the song with other songs we had abandoned (hence the title of the song). Eventually the song worked so well as an acoustic we decided to release it for free with the video for I am a Fighter.

Question 6) “The Secret’s Out” shows massive ambition for a first e.p. Many of the songs have massive anthem feels and sounds that could easily inspire stadium singalongs. Ambition oozes from the e.p but what is the scale of ambition for the band? Are you genuinely going to take over the world?

If we can! Realistically, we will keep doing this until we no longer find it fun. There is no point for us in selling out Wembley we don’t enjoy the band and aren’t proud of the music we are producing. However, if we continue to make music we enjoy to play we will keep pushing upwards until we cannot push anymore!

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Question 7) If people have never heard of the band (The Everlaine) how would you describe yourselves to them to hook new listeners in and get them to listen to your E.P and come see you perform live?

We are a female-fronted rock band with influences from Biffy Clyro, You Me At Six and Don Broco. If you are looking for heavy but upbeat alternative songs with catchy riffs and melodic vocals you can sing along to like no one’s looking then we might just be the band you’re looking for. Finally, we try our best to keep such a good rapport with our fans. They really are the people who make us.

Question 8) Fans are a huge aspect The Everlaine as we can see with your February VLOG thanking them for coming to see you perform. Do you feel having a good connection with your fans is a key part of your success?

We wouldn’t have anything if we didn’t have our fans. The biggest bands in the world would be nothing without their fans. For that reason, we try to give back as much as possible as often as possible. We met some really great fans on tour and we try our best to ensure that we give back to them to thank them for how they have helped us.

Question 9) Let’s be honest, it’s only a matter of time until you hit the big time. However, if you had the choice now to headline any festival which would it be and why? Also what would the Everlaine’s band rider consist of?

Both Tom and Charlie would love to headline Glastonbury whilst Ryan and I would love to headline Reading and Leeds. I’ve been loads of times to see some of my favourite bands so playing there would be a dream come true. Our rider would consist of beers all around! Tom would want wine gums and white chocolate Magnums, Ryan would want Milky Bar Buttons and copious mugs of tea, Charlie would want Haribo Cherries and Ben & Jerrie’s whilst I’m the savoury one in the band and could do with a few tubs of Pringles! 

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Question 10) As you sing in the amazing track “So Much Better” off of your first E.P, “We’ve got a lot to live up to”, rest assured your first E.P lives up to every expectation but what is next for the band and what can we expect over the coming months from The Everlaine?

We want to do some more touring. January’s tour was the most fun we have had as a band together and it was great to meet some really great people - both fans and other bands. We will keep writing songs and try to play as many shows as we can but then, who knows!?

Question 11) Finally, which is each of your favourite songs to play live and why?

Charlie and Tom’s favourite song to play live is I am a Fighter whereas Ryan’s favourite song to play live is Demons. From the E.P. my favourite live song is Embers because it has such powerful vocals but overall, my favourite song is one we haven’t yet recorded and only play live so you will have to come and watch us to find that one out!