Milestones Interview


Originally interviewed in 2016.

Milestones are an alternative, pop punk band based out of Manchester, England. They consist of Matt Clarke (Vocals), Drew Procter (Guitar), Mark Threlfall (Bass), Andy Makin (Drums) and Eden Leviston (Guitar).

After recently signing with Fearless Records, the band released their debut E.P "Equal Measures" on 08th July 2016. The album was produced by Phil Gornell who has worked with bands such as Bring Me The Horizon, All Time Low and Set Your Goals.

I recently talked to Andy Makin, the drummer from the band, about their debut E.P, their music, and their newfound success.

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Question 1) This interview is taking place just over a week since the release of your debut E.P “Equal Measures” how have you found the last week?

The reaction to "Equal Measures" so far has been overwhelming, release week is usually a stressful time but it’s been super positive!

Question 2) “Equal Measures” is an amazing E.P. I reviewed it on the website and gave it a 4.5/5. The sheer amount of energy and emotion in the album is insane. Was it the intention of the band to always to push the boundaries of what you could achieve and experiment so early in your career? Or did that come naturally in the creation process?

Thank you for the kind words! When the E.P was being written, we just wanted to write songs with substance - and naturally in the creative process we always want to make the end product the best it can be, so it definitely was our intention to put out a debut E.P which people haven't heard a million times before. I think it’s important to do something different.

Question 3) It’s No understatement to say you guys are having a HUGE year! First your debut album “Equal Measures” was released just over a week ago and now your headed out on a massive UK tour. Are you excited to play the E.P for the fans? Where are you looking forward to playing?

We are looking forward to every show in one way or another! We appreciate everyone who comes out and pays attention to our band, but the next couple of tours are even more exciting due to the amount of new fans the E.P has brought us.

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Question 4) “Equal Measures “was produced by Phil Gornell who has worked with some massive bands such as Bring Me The Horizon, All Time Low and Set Your Goals. Was it his decision to put the MASSIVE amount of emotion in the E.P? I hope so! Hopefully so much lost love hasn’t happened to you guys.

Ultimately it was our decision on all of the things we wanted to express with our E.P, but I think Phil had a good ear for what worked the best and he pushed that element of our sound. On this release it was about wanting people to relate to what our music is, which is passionate and raw. Phil also brought an outside view which always helps when you're writing music which is very close to you. Sometimes you need a different perspective.

Question 5) “Equal Measures” shows massive ambition for a debut album. Many of the songs have massive anthem feels and sounds that could easily inspire stadium singalongs as well as stadium sized pop punk mosh pits! Ambition emanates from the album but what is the scale of ambition for the band? You guys are already on the path but are you genuinely going to take over the world?

Since day one, our ambition is to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. We all have personal goals such as bands we would like to tour with or venues we would love to play; lots of them could be considered ambitious, but I believe in our music enough to say that anything is possible and we will always work hard to make things happen. 

Question 6) Let’s be honest, it’s only a matter of time until you hit the big time. However, if you had the choice right now to headline any festival which would it be and why? Also what would Milestones band rider consist of? 

My choice on the festivals question would be Glastonbury! It is arguably the biggest and most known festival in the world and it just seems like a very special place. As for the rider, we are all pretty easily pleased! If we were headlining Glastonbury though I think some funny requests would have to be made just to test them. Right now a solid rider would consist of water/beer/wine, humus, fruit, clean towels and a hot shower each.

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Question 7) “Equal Measures” has been around for a while now in one shape or form. The E.P was released back in 2014 with a different track list from what was released independently by yourselves. Why the change to the E.P and re-release it?

Some of the tracks on the original form of this E.P were written when we had been trying to find our feet as a band and figure out what we wanted to do, so to give people a true representation of our sound we went away and re-worked the track list, added new songs and remastered it. Equal Measures is almost a completely different record to the one we released independently.

Question 8) Pop punk seems to have faded from the general music mainstream in the last few years and you have been touted as the new flag bearers for the genre. What is the most punk things you have ever done? Or the most pop?

Our bass player Mark always manages to talk his way out of stuff, most notably parking tickets; that’s pretty punk right!?

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Question 9) Fans are a huge aspect of Milestones as we can see with your regular Facebook posts and interactions with fans. Do you feel having a good connection with your fans is a key part of your success? Is there anything you would like to say to them?

They are the reason that we exist as a band and we always want to keep a close connection with everyone who supports us, and I do think a good connection with our fan base has been a big part of why we have achieved what we have so far. For anyone who is a fan of ours who is reading this then please keep supporting what we do, keep coming to shows and listening to our music because that’s what this is all about.

Question 10) Finally, after 2016 has been such an amazing year for the band, how do you follow that up? What is next for Milestones and what can we expect over the coming months from the band?

We’re going to follow up 2016 with an even bigger 2017! We always aim to keep progressing. You can expect to see Milestones out on the road for the rest of the year.