Introducing - Half Hearted



Welcome to a latest instalment of ‘Introducing’.  Echion Music is dedicated putting a spotlight on some of the greatest bands around whether they be big or small. In the ‘Introducing’ feature we put a spotlight on an AMAZING band who you may not be aware of and we think you NEED to check out!

For this instalment of the ‘Introducing’ feature we have an absolute metal masterpiece of a band. The track is Too Close for Comfort and is brought to you from the sublime metal trio Half Hearted.

Half Hearted are a masterclass metal trio who hail from Hartford, Connecticut. The three piece effortlessly combine catchy melodies, shredding guitar riffs and ear bursting scream and clean vocals to create a truly unique sound. If you have ever even slightly dipped your toe into the metal genre, you owe it to yourself to check out this track. What are you waiting for? Go...NOW.

Too Close For Comfort released their debut EP Finding Light in 2015 to a hugely positive reception. Their unique metalcore sound has led to the band becoming a strong force in their local scene and has led to the band playing shows with some of the biggest metal scene heavyweights such as Falling In Reverse and Attila.

Speaking of their unique sound in 2016, guitarist Jay Grandell said “We just do what we do. We don’t try to sound like any other band. Are we the least-generic band making music in this scene? Probably not, but I think our songs instrumentally and vocally stand out in their own way among other post-hardcore/metal bands. We also try to be an energetic live band. I see bands that just look like they’re bored out of their minds when they play, and we really try to NOT look like that. If anyone pays to come see us, we want to move around and put on a show!"



Too Close For Comfort was released back in January this year and is a standalone single from the band and really showcases just what this band are capable when they are at their best. The track effortlessly combines metalcore screams with more pop-rock clean vocals to create a song that is almost guaranteed to have you banging your head.

The metal outfit have just recently finished up a stint in the final ever Warped Tour and will be out the road again later this year so watch this space for announcements…

One thing’s for sure, if Half Hearted continue to create  new music which carries on in the same vein as Too Close For Comfort, the band are heading straight to the top of the metalcore world. We will be keeping a very close eye on these guys as  we can’t wait to see what Half Hearted do next.