Introducing - Wolf Culture


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Welcome to a latest instalment of ‘Introducing’.  Echion Music is dedicated putting a spotlight on some of the greatest bands around whether they be big or small. In the ‘Introducing’ feature we put a spotlight on an AMAZING band who you may not be aware of and we think you NEED to check out!

For this instalment of the ‘Introducing’ feature we have an absolute pop punk phenomenon of a band who hail from right here in the UK. The band are called Wolf Culture and trust us, you are in for a treat with these lads.

Wolf Culture are a sublime emo/punk quartet who hail from the small sea-side town of Bournemouth, UK. The quartet effortlessly combine catchy melodies, soaring vocals and heart wrenching lyrics to create a truly unique style of music that demands your attention.

Wreck is the brilliant lead single taken from the bands sublime debut E.P. The Devil’s Plans for Idle Hands which was released on May 11th, earlier this year. Wolf Culture were formed back in 2015 and left fans waiting a long three years before releasing their debut E.P.

Speaking to Gig Goer about the three years of writing and recording for the E.P. the band said, ““We had all of these songs we were just sitting on and we wanted to record the best ones we had. I feel like we hopefully achieved that. We got four of them at least. We enjoyed doing it. We put everything we had into it at the time and got it done, and it seems like people like it, so it’s good”. “We were sat on those songs for two years before we released them. So, we had those [songs] recorded for two years before we actually properly sat down in the studio and got it sorted. It was a really long, stressful journey to get it out but I think it’s gone pretty smoothly so far.”

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The Devil’s Plans for Idle Hands is a great showcase of the bands determination, ability and style that all culminates in a stellar debut E.P. The E.P. was released to widespread appreciation and has allowed the band to tour with some of the biggest pop-punk bands around including Hawthorne Heights, Milestones, Trophy Eyes, ROAM and In October the band are set to play a couple of shows with Echion Music favourites SHADED.

 The Emo/Punk scene throughout the U.K. has been going from strength to strength in the last few years and Wolf Culture are one of the amazing bands at the forefront. 2018 has already been a huge year for Wolf Culture and the band have excelled at every turn. We can’t wait to see what 2019 holds for the band, but one thing is for certain, we will be there every step of the way.