Introducing - SHADED



Welcome to a latest instalment of  ‘Introducing’.  Echion Music is dedicated putting a spotlight on some of the greatest bands around whether they be big or small. In the ‘Introducing’ feature we put a spotlight on an AMAZING band who you may not be aware of and we think you NEED to check out!

For this instalment of the ‘Introducing’ feature we have an absolute pop punk powerhouse of a band who hail from right here in the UK. The band are called SHADED and trust us, you are in for a treat with these lads.

SHADED are a sublime pop-rock trio who hail from London, UK. The three piece effortlessly combine catchy melodies, soaring vocals and heart wrenching lyrics to create a unique, upbeat anthem which sticks with you for days after a single listen. If you like catchy as hell pop lyrics, a pure rock chorus and a killer vocalist to tie it all together, then look no further than SHADED’s new track Tell Me and holy shit, it’s brilliant.  

Tell Me is a brilliant track which shows SHADED are at the forefront of the UK pop-punk genre. Tell Me perfectly combines all the staples of pop-rock; chunky guitars, energetic drums, funky bass and beautifully written and performed vocals to create an instant classic. Seriously, I can’t praise this song enough. If you have ever even slightly enjoyed the pop-punk genre, you owe it to yourself to check out this track. What are you waiting for? Go...NOW.

The video was created by Zak Pinchin, who has previously shot music videos for Mallory Knox, Rolo Tomassi and Holding Absence. The video sees the band performing in front of a wall of white and turquoise balloons and almost brings a new meaning to the phrase POP-punk (you know, POP because of all the balloons…).

SHADED began as a product of frontman Matt East and guitarist Callum Irons. After having written debut EP The Better Man In Me in 2017, the duo decided they wanted to cut their teeth on the live circuit so recruited bassist Dan Bradberry. Despite the short space of time together, the trio have already shared stages up and down the UK with the likes of Mallory Knox, Grumble Bee, Homebound and many more. SHADED have been holed up in the studio over the last few months working on new material including Tell Me and will be sharing new music imminently.


Alongside the unveiling of the Tell Me video, the band have also announced the news that they have signed to LA-based label Common Ground Records. Co-founder Brittany Hughes has said of adding SHADED to their expanding roster,” We’re so stoked to welcome SHADED to the Common Ground family! They’re one more example of the insane talent that’s been brewing in the UK music scene recently and we can’t wait to share them with the world.”

The pop/punk outfit are heading to Torquay to play Burn It Down Festival on 1st September, with bands such as Mallory Knox, ROAM and more. Showing no sign of slowing down, SHADED will be out the road again later this year so watch this space for announcements…

One thing’s for sure, if the rest of SHADED’s new music carries on in the same vein as Tell Me, the band are heading straight to the top of the pop-punk world. Tell Me is THE standout summer anthem of 2018 and we can’t wait to see what SHADED do next, and we will be there every step of the way. It’s a bold statement, but I think we may have just found our new favourite band….