Welcome to the first instalment of 5 songs you should listen to this week (right now). This will be a weekly feature where I outline 5 of my favourite songs that you should stop what you are doing and go listen to ASAP!

The songs could be new or old, are from a variety of genres and from both big and small artists. These are simply 5 songs that I have been blaring out over the past week that I think you will love. The lists will be added to the Echion Music Spotify Top 5’s Playlist which you can find here - https://open.spotify.com/user/1132975540/playlist/1xQEwEB8hdIU81z5EBA7U8?si=Dx2ftoPbTFif1F-iGYOYnQ  

So without further ado here are 5 songs you should listen to this week (right now).

10 Years – Novacaine (Alternative Rock)

10 Years are an amazing alternative rock band who hail from Knoxville, Tennessee. Novacaine is the lead single taken from their 2017 album How To Live (As Ghosts) and it’s easy to see why. Novacaine is an absolute powerhouse of a track and is a must listen for anyone who likes the alternative rock genre. Hell even if you don’t like alternative rock give it a go as it’s an absolute blast.

The crushing drums, sublime guitar riff and amazingly crafted lyrics and vocals make this song a MUST LISTEN. The energy that 10 Years on put on display here is simply magnetic. The Lyrics are mesmerizing and show that even when covering dark, heavy topics such as death, there is still some fun to be had. To be perfectly honest most of the songs on How To Live (As Ghosts) are pretty great but Novacaine is a great jumping in spot for new listeners and it’s guaranteed to get you hooked.

RIVALS – Over It (Pop-Rock, Alternative Rock)

RIVALS are a sublime female fronted, dark pop-rock, quartet who are based out of Los Angeles, California. Over It is the lead single from their newly released debut album Damned Soul. Over It is an anthem of a track and is infectious and catchy as hell. Over It is a must listen track for anyone who likes raw, powerful vocals and a kick ass tune to boot.

RIVALS are fuelled by powerful and energetic song writing, and Over It is a great example of this. The hook of the track is guaranteed to pull you and keep your attention and has a pop style that is catchy as hell whilst also dripping with raw, powerful emotion. Their debut album Damned Soul is an outstanding debut effort and combine that with a great live performance and you have a great band that simply cannot be missed. Go listen to Over It and say hello to what could, quite possibly, be your new favourite band.

The Word Alive – Overdose (Metalcore)

The Word Alive are a brilliant metalcore band who hail from Phoenix, Arizona. Overdose is a separately released single that was released towards the back end of 2016. Overdose is an absolute sledgehammer of a track which offers a unique, exciting spin on the metalcore genre. If you have ever even dipped your toe in the metalcore genre, you NEED to check this out.

Overdose is a tale of two halves. The first half is full of energetic clean vocals and features a sublime guitar riff and pounding drum beat that propels the song forward at a blistering pace. On the second half of the track there is an INSANE breakdown that combines with scream vocals to create an absolute neck breaker of a tune that is guaranteed to have you enthralled.  The chorus is catchy as hell and the killer vocal and guitar work make Overdose a song you NEED to hear.

Bear Hands – Giants (Alternative/Indie rock)

Bear Hands are an alternative/indie rock band who are based out of Brooklyn, New York. Giants is the lead single from the bands sophomore album Distraction which was released in 2014. Giants is an experimental beast of a track that combines aspects from a wide variety of musical genres to great effect.

Giants blends eccentric guitars, eighties synth and catchy vocals to create a hit guaranteed to stick with you after just a single listen. The wide open choruses on Giants are staggering and work to great effect. The soft vocals and jagged guitars create and amazing indie rock tune that will keep you coming back for more. If you’re not singing “loving you more” with an American twang after a single listen, I’ll be amazed.

Panic! At The Disco – Say Amen (Saturday Night) (alternative/pop rock)

 Panic! Are back with a quite literal bang with their new single Say Amen (Saturday Night). The song is the lead single from their upcoming sixth album Pray For The Wicked which is set for release on June 22, 2018. Say Amen (Saturday Night) is a blast of a song and is a great choice for the lead single. It’s fun, larger than life and catchy as hell.

Say Amen (Saturday Night) is a continuation, of sorts, to the style and feel of Panic’s 2016’s album Death Of A Bachelor. The song is theatrical as all hell and is infused with synth sounds, blaring hooks and an absolutely crazy falsetto that’s guaranteed to get you off of your feet. Combine all of that with an over the top video and that means that Say Amen (Saturday Night) is a song that cannot be missed.