Quietdrive Retrospective - Introduction


2006 was a crazy year. It was the year Facebook became available to the public, Borat was released in cinemas and iTunes sold their billionth song. It was also the year in which I discovered one of my now favourite bands of all time.


I was only thirteen at the time and had recently discovered the sport of ice hockey. Growing up in the UK I never really had the chance to watch a game live due to the time difference, but I scoured the TV channels searching for any game highlights that I could find. I was so enamoured that I even decided to pick up my first ice hockey video game, NHL 07.

The game was okay, but the soundtrack… oh boy is that soundtrack something else, it’s amazing. With bands such as Anti-Flag, NOFX and Mashlin my tiny teenage mind was blown. I had always been into rock music and NHL 07 solidified my love for the genre.

However, amongst the seventeen tracks there was one song that really stood out from the crowd. It was a track called Rise From The Ashes and was by a band that I hadn’t heard of before from Minneapolis, Quietdrive. The song was exciting, fresh and radiated pure pop punk energy. It was the start of a lifelong appreciation of a band and their music, which has led to me discovering some of my favourite songs and albums of all time.

I immediately turned on my computer, loaded up iTunes and purchased their debut album When All That’s Left Is You. I was not disappointed. Over the course of just under a decade, Quietdrive have released five full length studio albums, one EP containing seven original tracks, a fan funded full length album of cover songs as well as creating their own independent record label along the way. To call this band simply proficient, or busy, would be a huge understatement.

My admiration for the band has led to me creating this Quietdrive retrospective. An Eight week retrospective in which I look at, review and enjoy every Quietdrive album and EP. The retrospective starts with a review of their 2006 belter of a debut album When All That’s Left Is You and ends with their latest, and possibly last, release The Ghost Of What You Used To Be. During the eight weeks I will look at how the band’s sound has evolved and matured through time. I will also look at how through each new release the band haven't been afraid to experiment and try new musical styles, all whilst never straying too far from their signature Quietdrive sound.

The retrospective starts next week with a deep dive of their full length debut album When All That’s Left Is You. So sit back, relax and come with me through the history of Quietdrive and, quite possibly, discover your new favourite band.